Well, I decided to move all my websites from DigitalOcean to RamNode, after their system went down for 8 hours. It turns out it took them more than 2 hours to even start responding…

And I think I know why…

You can read more about it on my personal MeWe…

Their blog says that „production database had been deleted on master„. What sort of bloody idiot deletes a running database for thousands of clients? It’s like turning off electricity in a hospital!

The company said in a comment on their blog that nobody will get in trouble for that disaster, because they don’t believe in getting people in trouble.

Well, I’m not a believer myself. For example I don’t believe in a company that doesn’t believe in responsibility. And somebody DID get in trouble. It was me.

But since I have no wish to be in trouble for mistakes of someone else, I’m not going back to Digital Ocean. I was three years a happy customer. But after this information I’ll stay away.

Because I know how it works.

I was once hired in a government company. It was wonderful! I slept half of the time, I made company buy things because I was to lazy to research a problem. And I even built a dysfunctional Ethernet network (which they had to rebuild again after I was gone).

I never got in any trouble for anything. It was a paradise.

For me.

Podziel się z głupim światem